On Monday 11th of March, we challenged our IB career-related program students to develop a real-world business proposal based on the needs of the ARIS community. They pitch their idea to the Dragons, who are the investors. They describe their product, justify their decisions and financial projections (cost, selling price, profit margins, etc.), and convince the ‘dragons’ that it is viable. They pitched creative ideas such as career studios, tutoring programs, job opportunities, and promoting healthy snacks. Their presentations impressed the Dragons, showcasing their strategic thinking and passion.

On Wednesday 20th of April, the IBCP 2 students presented their portfolios for Personal & professional Skills, Language Development and Service Learning. During this presentation, the students showcased their experiences and reflections completed for each CP core subject. The IBCP2 students presented in front of their CP core coordinators to assess completion of their portfolios.

With the new changes that the IB has made to time zones, now referred to as ‘exam zones,’ we will be starting morning sessions at 9:00am prompt spanning till 12:30pm for some subject combinations; and afternoon sessions at 1:00pm prompt. This means that students must be seated at least 15 minutes before each session. We have now been placed in EXAM ZONE B.

May 2024 DP/CP Examination Timetable

Notice to Candidates

Items Not Permitted

Please note that candidates who are late to the examination hall will not be given extra time to complete their examinations. Candidates are also reminded to ensure that they come along with transparent water bottles as disposable cups will not be provided in the examination hall. Furthermore, no borrowing will be allowed in the examination room, therefore parents should ensure that their wards are fully prepared with the right amount of stationery and a calculator where necessary.

All candidates writing the May 2023 DP/CP Examinations will be officially released from lessons for independent revision from Friday, April 19, 2024. However, candidates will still have the option of coming to study at school and also arrange for one-on-one meetings/small group sessions with teachers who will be available to support them. Where students want to arrange one-on-one sessions, they will be required to check the subject teachers availability and schedule a meeting a day in advance. The DP coordinator should be copied in all such emails.

The graduation ceremony for DP/CP students will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at the Movenpick hotel in Accra. Details of the event will be communicated in the coming weeks.

In some countries, the IB Diploma Programme Results and DP Course Results document need to be legalised by the relevant chancellery, embassy and/or consulate to be valid for entrance to universities. Kindly refer to the list of countries that require legalisation, and ensure that your ward verifies this requirement with his or her prospective university. Please note that it is the responsibility of candidates to check with their universities. Deadline for submitting a legalisation request and making payment to the Accounts department is Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Request for Legalisation Services

Countries that require legalisation

Your ward can select up to six higher education institutions (HEI) worldwide. Out of these six HEI, no more than three can be selected from Canada and the US, and only one of these three may be from the US. An admissions center, e.g., Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), counts as one request.

When results are released, they will be made available to institutes via an IB secure website, or on a paper transcript if the institute does not make use of the IB secure website. A candidate’s first six requests will be accepted without charge if submitted before the release of results for that exam session.

Before results are released, students can request to have results sent to six universities. This service is free of charge. The deadline for making these requests is April 30, 2024.

After official results are released on July 6, IB graduates can request for their transcripts to be sent to institutions directly by placing a request through rrs.ibo.org. A fee of $17 will be charged for each additional request that is submitted regardless of whether any previous requests have been made for that student.

The IBCP1 3-Way conference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th, which will be a non-school day for all students. Students are expected to attend with their parents at the designated time to share their learning journey, challenges, and support requirements. During this conference, the students will establish new goals or continue pursuing their previous ones and create clear action plans to achieve their set goals.