PLD Department Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

Greetings from the PLD Department! The PLD began the semester with the celebration of Dyslexia/ADHD Awareness in October. After that we had the assembly for the International Day for People living with Physical Disabilities in December. In April we shall have the PLD Secondary Inclusion Week from April 22nd to 26th 2024. Last year’s Inclusion … Read more

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IBCP2 – DRAGONS’ DEN ACTIVITY On Monday 11th of March, we challenged our IB career-related program students to develop a real-world business proposal based on the needs of the ARIS community. They pitch their idea to the Dragons, who are the investors. They describe their product, justify their decisions and financial projections (cost, selling price, … Read more


This framework serves as the foundation for our wellbeing programme, which aims to integrate the ATL skills of research, thinking, communication, self-management, and social/collaboration. By the completion of the wellbeing programme, students would have acquired the IB learner profiles of being risk-takers, open-minded, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring by the end of their time at ARIS.  … Read more

Primary Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

Dear PYP Parents, We welcome you to our April/May PYP Newsletter for the academic year of 2023-24. The PYP Newsletter is filled with helpful information regarding ARIS’s PYP (Primary Years Program).  In  PYP,  we strive to develop international-minded learners by instilling in our students the attributes of the IB Learner Profile; to understand them and … Read more

MYP Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

MYP 1-3 MAP TESTS The MAP tests for MYP 1-3 will be conducted on the 2nd to 4th of April. The results from the previous MAP test made us introduce the reading club. We hope that some improvement will be seen in the next MAP test. Students are not expected to read anything to prepare … Read more

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IBDP Newsletter (APR/MAY 24)

IBDP1 Extended Essay Cafe On April 19, 2024 from 2:00 – 4:30pm, students in Year 12 will be delivering presentations on their EE proposals. Through the cafe they will reflect on their RQ and explain the need for the study, the methodology they will use, and the specific kind of secondary sources that will support … Read more

Secondary Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

Dear Parents,  Welcome to our April-May Newsletter of 2024.  A Look Back at February & March As a  Head of  Secondary School, I am reaching out through this special edition of our newsletter to address the gap left by our missed communications in February and March and the latest updates and highlights of the events … Read more


Lancaster University Ghana Accepts IBCP We are pleased to share that our IBCP students now have an option to pursue their tertiary education in Lancaster University Ghana. A confirmation e-mail to this news was shared by the Provost of the University. Please find below the Lancaster minimum entry criteria for the IBCP: Applicants should have three full … Read more

PLD Department Highlights (Nov/Dec 23)

Greetings from the PLD Department. The focus of the PLD department is on promoting a more positive awareness of inclusive education practices across the whole school. Our goal is to make ARIS  students show more empathy and support to their peers who receive learning support. Our first event for the semester was the Dyslexia and … Read more

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The ARIS Personal Wellbeing Model Our super engaging curriculum is designed around this model, which seeks to incorporate the ATL skills of Thinking, Communication, Self Management, Research and Social/ Collaboration. At the end of their time at ARIS, students would have picked up the IB Learner profiles of being Reflective, Caring, Knowledgeable, Open- minded, Balanced … Read more