MYP Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

The MAP tests for MYP 1-3 will be conducted on the 2nd to 4th of April. The results from the previous MAP test made us introduce the reading club. We hope that some improvement will be seen in the next MAP test. Students are not expected to read anything to prepare for this test as it is an assessment for learning that sheds light into what level of learning students are, gaps in their knowledge and what areas we may need to focus on for each student.

The schedule is below: 

2nd of April: Mathematics 3rd of April: English Language reading and Usage 4th of April: Science.

The MYP 1-4 3-Way conference will be held on the Tuesday 9th of April. It is a no school day for all students. Students are to come along with their parents at the scheduled time and present their learning journey, challenges and support needed. A new feature added to their presentations is the overview of goals slide. This slide encourages students to reflect on the goals they set for themselves in the previous semester, and state whether the goal has been completed or not. It finally guides them to set new goals or continue with the previous goals then finally, set clear action plans to achieve the set goals.

Although the MYP 3 students completed their subject selection meetings in March, they will be taken through a series of workshops to prepare them adequately for MYP 4-5, the last 2 years of the MYP. This orientation will take place after their final examinations in May.  Hence, parents are not advised to plan summer holiday trips anytime before the school’s vacation date.

MYP 1-3

Date8:15- 12:1512:30 to 2:30
May 22French, Arabic, SpanishNormal classes hold – Half day
May 23Normal classes holdLanguage & Literature
May 24Normal classes holdMYP 1 Mathematics (Task A) Normal classes continue for other students
May 27Normal classes holdMathematics 
May 28Normal classes holdLanguage Acquisition
May 29HumanitiesNormal classes hold- Half day
May 30Normal classes holdScience 


Date8:15 – 10:1512:30 – 2:30
May 22French, Arabic, SpanishChemistry
May 23Language & Literature
May 24
May 27Mathematics 
May 28Language AcquisitionPhysics
May 29Humanities
May 30IDL

The Wellbeing Division is organising another edition of this year’s “Exams Cafe” for Year 11 students. The ARIS Exam Cafe is an intervention that focuses on reducing stress through providing strategies for time management, relaxation and healthy goal-setting. This program is to provide our students with the necessary preparatory nuggets for their exams and also to support their mental health and wellbeing during their examining year.

The sessions include: 

  • Exam Eagles: De-Stressing and team bonding with Mm Priscilla
  • Art Therapy and Mindfulness with Mmes. Jenea Scott and Matilda Turkson

The final eAssessment schedule for the MYP 5 students will begin from the 7th of May to the 17th of May.

The schedule can be found here

The notice to candidates can be found here and items not permitted can be found here

After the examinations.

After the final examinations, a series of workshops and orientation that will help MYP 5 students prepare adequately for the final 2 years of high school will be conducted. Therefore, parents are not advised to plan summer vacations before the school’s vacation date