Secondary Highlights (APR/MAY 24)

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to our April-May Newsletter of 2024. 

A Look Back at February & March

As a  Head of  Secondary School, I am reaching out through this special edition of our newsletter to address the gap left by our missed communications in February and March and the latest updates and highlights of the events and activities at Secondary School. 

These months are significant for our school community, filled with events and academic endeavours that showcase the spirit and dedication of our students, faculty, and, importantly, you – our parents.

A Sincere Thank You to Our Parents

I cannot express enough gratitude to all our parents for your unwavering support and engagement. Your active participation and the trust you place in us play an important role in the successes we achieve. Thank you for your continued trust and support. You can reach us through our front office number for secondary school: +233 30 254 4511

Below you will find highlights of past key events and important reminders for upcoming ones. Kindly ensure to check specific programmes as well for more details.  


The pinnacle of our activities was the AISA GISS conference, a landmark event that not only brought our student community together but also connected us with the larger global community of learners. The engagement, leadership, and enthusiasm displayed by our students during this conference were nothing short of inspirational.

Mid-semester assessments and Mock Examinations for our MYP 5 And IBDP/ IBCP 2 students. 

Between late February and mid-March, our school conducted vital academic assessments, including Mock Exams for MYP 5, IBDP, and IBCP final-year students, along with Mid-Semester tests for all other grades. These evaluations showcased our students’ dedication and academic strengths, providing essential insights for setting clear, achievable goals for the semester ahead

Student-led 3-way Conferences AFTER MOCK for MYP5 and IBDP2 & IBCP2:  

From March 18th to 22nd, MYP 5, DP2, and CP2 students led three-way conferences, sharing their mock exam results and reflecting on their learning journeys with parents and teachers. This vital reality check not only underscored our commitment to collaborative learning but also steered students towards strategizing for their final exam success.

MAP growth test for Year 7- Year 9 students on 2nd April to 4th April: The  MAP Growth test aims to track students’ progress since October, identifying learning strengths and areas for improvement. It guides targeted teaching and confirms the impact of educational strategies, keeping students on track towards their goals. 

DP ART Exhibition: On April 12th our DP/CP 2 students will present their final Art exhibition, highlighting two years of dedication and creativity.

Student-led 3-way Conference:  On April 9th, all students, except those in Year 11 and Year 13, will participate in three-way conferences to discuss their Mid-Semester assessment results and reflect on their progress from the start of the year. The conference aims to foster essential skills such as self-reflection, communication, and accountability in learning, enabling students to take ownership of their strengths and weaknesses.

This session serves as a crucial reality check, reinforcing our dedication to collaborative learning and encouraging students to strategize for final exam success.    The schedule of your meeting time will be shared via ISAMS. 

Hosting 7 Delegates from RWANDA: From April 9th to 11th, we’re excited to host 7 delegates from a renowned IB  world school in Rwanda, focusing on sharing best practices. This collaborative visit highlights our commitment to international educational excellence, enhancing learning experiences through global partnership. 

Author Abroad Workshop on 18th April:  Our MYP 1 to MYP4 students will attend KARL NOVA, a leading Poet in the UK  writing workshop. Our Library Department organises this event to ignite a passion for poetry and creative writing among students, harnessing their creativity and enhancing their literary skills through engaging and interactive sessions.

Career Fair on 20th April:  Our Career Counseling Department is excited to host a Career Fair, offering students a unique chance to engage directly with professionals from diverse fields. This event is a golden opportunity for students to gain firsthand insights, broaden their career perspectives, and tailor their educational paths to their passions. Details will be communicated soon by the career department. 

IBDP Final exams from 25th April to 17th May 

IBMYP on Screen Assessment from 7th May to 17th May 

 Whole School End-of-Year Assessment from 22nd May to 31st May. 

Class of 2024 Graduation: Saturday 25th May 2024

 MYP 5 and ARISVERSITY Graduation: 5th June 2024

Community Activities

PSA International Day: 27th April 2024

From 21st May to 4th June: The IBDP and IBCP team is organizing a mandatory transition workshop to ensure all MYP5 students are well-prepared for their upcoming two-year journey. Attending this session is mandatoryl as it provides essential guidance and strategies for a smooth and successful transition, helping students to effectively plan and navigate their academic and personal growth during this pivotal phase